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19.3 Poverty A large section of the Indian society is suffering from poverty. Poverty is a phenomenonSocial Problem :: 201 which is objective as well a subjective. Objectively poverty implies a dehumanizing condition in which people are unable to look after the basic needs. Subjectively poverty stands for perceived deprivation. As such it is relative and any body can feel poor by comparing himself as herself with a rich person. Poor people lack the necessary resources and capacity to satisfy basic needs like food, shelter, health and education. They live under difficult conditions which are not conducive for development of their human potential. As you have learned earlier in the lesson 10 and 11 that for healthy human development…show more content…
The lack of these skills renders them deprived of the opportunities for upward social mobility. Such people have to depend on others for various things and are exploited in various ways. For example the poor rural people are asked to put their thumb impression of various legal documents and are subjected to exploitations and legal hassles. Keeping these negative consequences in view the government is trying to universalize primary education. The lack of reading and writing skills makes a person incapable of availing the various opportunities to help themselves. Each and every educated person, therefore, is expected to contribute to the literacy mission and making it a success. IMPACT OF MODERNIZATION ON INDIAN SOCIETY Indian society is very old and surviving even after many ups and down and social issues. This article involves a brief about the Indian society and impact of the social process of modernization and westernization on it. How the Indian society has implemented these both processes and to what extent. Society is a platform that gives a shape to the people's livings, demands, aspirations, needs and all kinds of growths. When numerous people having diverse mindsets, aspirations and demands yet live together for a common cause is what we understand by the society. A society may either include people of

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