Poverty In America

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“One out of every seven children will be born into poverty in the United States” (“Poverty in the US”). People are not aware of the poverty in America, but the United States has one of the highest poverty rates in the world. Many of the reasons for this issue is a lack of available jobs, low wages and barriers to employment. A primary issue is the lack of information on poverty. People need to be able to know where to go to obtain information on this issue. The media is not covering poverty enough so the people in America can not be informed of what the nation is going through. In the United States, the poverty rate has continued to slowly rise throughout the years, which greatly affects a family’s lifestyle and even worse, a child’s future, due to people not knowing what to do about the problem. The origin of poverty can be traced back into the 1900s. From the 1950s to the 1970s, the poverty rate was almost zero due to the economy booming and businesses expanding. However, towards the 21st century, about one in ten Americans were in poverty. The reason for this is the oil crisis in the 1970s. The oil crisis creates a massive recession between 1973-1975. The oil crisis forced companies to keep wages high so they had to maintain profit by firing workers. At the same time, companies were unable to stimuli demands because they were unable to lower the wage prices. Due to the fact that the prices were high, consumers were unable to purchase any goods and this also
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