Poverty In Sub-Saharan Africa

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Around the world more than 2.5 billion men, women, and children live in grinding poverty on less than $2- a-day (“Resources, hunger”). This is just one of the many alarming statistics I have found while conducting research on this topic. Children everywhere, especially in rural areas are going through extremely rough times. Regions such as sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are among some of the hardest hit population (“Resources, hunger”). Young children, especially girls, are some of the most susceptible because hunger and malnutrition affect their physical and mental development severely (“Resources, hunger”). Men, women, and children around the world are living in poverty; it results in lower literacy rates, chronic hunger, and diseases…show more content…
These meals not only feed children from poor households, but they also encourage them to stay in class and learn (“Resources, hunger”). One big concern regarding the education system is the inability of many parents in developing countries to send their children to schools because of local economic and social conditions (“Resources, education”). Because of the harsh economic problems that developing countries are facing it is very hard to provide suitable training for all young people (“Resources, education”). One touching story I read was a about a young girl named Eliza. Eliza always looked forward to going to school because she knew that when she got there she would get food. Not only that, but she is also happy that she can learn and work towards achieving her dreams of becoming a journalist (“Resources, hunger”). This story made me start to think about my own school and community. Since the 2014-15 school year Rutherford County Schools has been fortunate enough to be able to provide free breakfast and lunch to every student. I am realizing more and more children are like Eliza and this is a much needed service to students and families not only in our county but all around our nation. It has been proven that 12 percent of people could be lifted out of poverty if all students in poor countries had basic reading skills (“Facts”). Students cannot be expected to…show more content…
Organizations such as UNICEF are working to improve the health of children worldwide (“Health”). They are among one of many who are fighting the fight against poverty. UNICEF has made lots of significant progress in immunization, improving child health with community-based treatments, and many other things (“Health”). Without organizations like UNICEF children worldwide would not be receiving the necessary
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