Poverty In The Film Blood Diamond

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Every nation has a responsibility to its citizens to improve the economic, political and social well-being of its people. However, in the film Blood Diamond it is made clear that there is an exploitation of the people in Sierra Leone. This economic problem is fueled by three main concepts; poverty, production/resources and demand/supply. Through the analysis of the three main concepts it will be shown how the economic problem was the result of each sub-concept. Poverty In Blood Diamond we see examples of both the working poor-Solomon Vandy, and the absolute poor- those living in utter destitution. Vandy worked two jobs as a fisherman and a doorman, and even with two jobs, it can be seen by his living situation that he has to work very…show more content…
This then makes marine life unsuitable therefore eliminating another healthy food option for the many living in absolute poverty. The mining of diamonds contributes to the poverty in Sierra Leone and makes it harder to escape it. The process of producing the diamonds so they could be sold on the market involved many steps which were illustrated in the movie, Blood Diamond. Smugglers like Archer would supply the RUF with guns. The guns would be used by the RUF to intimidate the people of Sierra Leone into working as laborers for them; we see this with Solomon and his son. These men would be forced to dig in the water mines for hours a day searching for diamonds of all sizes. Then the diamonds are mixed with other diamonds all around the world, mixing the illegal ones with the legal ones; this was explained in the movie by Archer to Maggie. When the diamonds are mixed in with the others, no one can determine for certainty where each originated from. The export of the diamonds relies on how well Sierra Leone’s resources are to produce it and its resources are the laborers mining for the diamonds. More diamonds are exported out of the country when there are more laborers mining for them. It is then distributed to nations where they are made into necklaces and bracelets, and no questions are asked. We see clearly in the movie how the factors of production are used: land, labour, and entrepreneurship. Land is the resource where diamonds are found, and in Blood Diamond we
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