Poverty Inequality And The Poverty

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The rich cause poverty because of the inequality and unfairness they bring. The country is put to blame for the governments and nations decisions. The people themselves can also be put at fault for poverty because of population but, some can not help it. This affects the poverty threshold, the people, and the number of people in poverty. Poverty can be solved with the help of organizations, the government or the president, and happy volunteers who would be willing to do a lot for these people. Poverty is a well known problem and has been around for centuries. First off, One cause for poverty is the Rich. The rich bring inequality to the poor. The wealth difference between upper-class and lower-class is at its widest point. “In most nations today, inequality the gap between the rich and the poor is quite high and often widening” (”Cause of”). Shows that while the rich are seeing their wealth grow, the middle and lower-classes are seeing financial decline. The distribution of wealth and income reveals inequalities among countries. “Inequality in the distribution of money income causes poverty” (Davis 23). The distribution of wealth compares all the assets held by the richest and poorest members of society. Tanzania is the largest of the East African countries and one of the poorest countries in the world. “During the twentieth century, the gap between the income of the richest and the poorest countries grew substantially, for example, in 2006, the average U.S. citizen was

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