Poverty Is A Global Concern And Its Eradication

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Poverty is a global concern and its eradication is becoming surmountable. This is primarily due to the challenges posed by international and national causes respectively. Besides, the complexity of the phenomenon has not lend itself to be easily eradicated. Little wonder the world continues to struggle to eradicate poverty. Africa is one of the poorest countries on the universe and research and data show that Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in Sub-Sahara (UNDP, 2015). Sierra Leone’s poverty has been a growing concern in spite of its numerous natural resources and international financial and economic interventions. It is therefore worth investigating the trends of the country’s poverty and how it has impacted its people in the country.

Therefore, task of this paper is to examine the trend in which poverty in Sierra Leone is either changing or stagnating and the disadvantages associated with poverty among children. Consideration will also be given to policy in relation to the findings.
The first part of the essay will give a summary of the historical background of the country. This chapter will throw light into the socio political and economic foundations of Sierra Leone.
Chapter two of the essay will concentrate on the definition of poverty as perceived by different authors. These definitions throw light into the different perspectives of poverty and discuss various measurements in assessing poverty especially in developing countries.
The third
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