Poverty Is A Growing Problem Around The World With Millions Of People

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Poverty is a growing problem around the world with millions of people lacking the basic elements necessary for stable living and Hamilton is no exception. Nearly one fifth of Hamiltonians live below the national poverty line (Social Planning & Research Council, 2012). Moreover, one third of all private housings are rentals (or tenant housings), and seven percent of residents live in derelict housing (Social Planning & Research Council, 2012). This abundance of poverty is structurally maintained through the results of capitalism, the existence of classism, and the effects of oppression. Hamilton is one of the most highly industrialized cities in Canada, with the vast majority of Hamiltonians working as wage laborers. The purpose of capitalism is to create wealth, yet the system that is used to ensure this often serves only to keep the lower class down. The capitalistic market is extremely competitive, forcing companies to lower wages of the workers or outsource jobs in order to raise profits. In the mid 1990s, welfare benefits were cut by 21% in Ontario, and workfare requirements have made it more difficult to qualify for income support (Wharf and McKenzie, 1998). This is one of the reasons why Hamilton has a high rate of homelessness – an issue which clearly illustrates the results of capitalism in the form of extreme poverty. Capitalism itself is a concept of neoliberalism, which is an approach to social, political and economic life that discourages collective or…
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