Poverty Is A Problem Of Poverty

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Poverty does not have one clear definition. It is a complicated, multi-faceted concept. It is a common social issue that has troubled nations for thousands of years. Poverty is the condition of having an insufficient amount of resources or income. Poverty has haunted the social life of Brazil for a number of years. With a booming economy, Brazil has managed to skip over poverty, for now. However, how long can they hold this issue off? The problem does not lie in their efforts but the way they have structured their social structure. A structure which consist of a poor education system and political corruption and bureaucracy, it needs fixing now and fast. Hosting a World Cup despite facing a poverty crisis, goes to show their efforts in eradicating poverty.
The shortage of professional and skilled workers in Brazil has brought the attention to a problem that has been consistent in the country, education. The lack of a proper education system has been well documented, but ignored by the government. People with a poor education tend to have a lower income than people with higher education. Statistically speaking, about ten percent of the entire population is illiterate, meaning they are incapable of reading or writing or understanding the simplest of words. These people would not be able to provide their families with basic needs such as food or shelter. Most likely unemployed or even if they are employed, receiving an insufficient amount of income. For the poor to contribute

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