Poverty Is A Problem Of Poverty Essay

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Despite the fact that the world has developed so much on both economy and technology, there still maintain a lot of serious global issues such as, financial crisis, global warming, nuclear weapon, racism… For many decades, poverty has been exists to be one of the biggest problem of mankind. It profoundly influences every aspect of a person’s life, limits their chance accessing to the minimum needs such as, food, drink, and shelter. According to Investopedia, poverty is defined as “a lack of something or when the quality of something is extremely low”. ("Poverty Definition," n.d.) Vietnam, a South East Asia country which has recently integrated the world economic also has to deal with this problem This report will analysis the various kinds of poverty, the cause of poverty in Vietnam and finally how the Vietnamese government helps repel poverty inside the society.
1. Various kinds of poverty
The first kind of poverty is the genre that almost everyone will associate when they think about the concept of poverty. According to this type of poverty, the poor will be identified by using the international poverty line which is based on the US1.25- daily consumption. ("Poverty," 2012) This line is set by the World Bank and can be used internationally by many global organizations to make comparison between nations. Based on this line, Vietnam has about 2.4% of population living under this poverty line. ("Poverty," 2012) Ethnic minority poverty rate remain high

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