Poverty Is A Problem Of Poverty

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Poverty has been one problem that all societies have had to deal with in some form or another. Poverty is a complex issue that has many different aspects that affect the people involved. The complexity of it is why it has been a difficult problem for people to solve. The negative stigma associated with poverty is one of the most difficult aspects to change. With enough education and knowledge, poverty will one day be a problem of the past.
Many people have different opinions on what poverty means. There are two types of poverty, absolute and relative. Absolute poverty is when the people affected can’t provide themselves with the necessities they need such as shelter, food, water, etc. Relative poverty is poverty in which the people affected are provided with the necessities but live below the standards of others. Relative poverty has changed over time throughout the world. In most cases the relative standard of poverty throughout the world is rising higher and higher. The United States is one of the places in the world that the standard of living for people in poverty is above that of other people.
An estimated one in seven people in the United States live in poverty. Although there are some that live with some aspect of absolute poverty at times, the large portion of poverty in America is relative. Almost all poor people in the U.S. have a telephone. Most also have air conditioning, cable, a vehicle and a wide screen TV. In ancient times the people who suffered from poverty

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