Poverty Is A Serious World Problem

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If you were asked to donate a few of your own items or money to help fight poverty, would you commit to it? A substantial amount of the world’s population suffers from a form of poverty, whether it be monetary poverty, or food poverty. Poverty has become such a prevalent issue throughout history, that it isn’t put into consideration as much as it should be. Poverty is a serious world problem, and truly needs to be stopped. With the guidance of citizens of the world, groups and charities, the percentage of poverty stricken people around the world could be greatly shrunk.
Above all, poverty has countless effects on people, society, governments, etc. One of the multitude of effects, mainly caused by food poverty, is malnutrition. A handful of families who suffer from poverty can’t afford to buy food, or buy healthy foods. "The figures on 'food poverty ' are closer to reality than the monetary poverty statistics," says Ivan Hidalgo. Hidalgo stated that the food poverty statistics are more at large than the monetary poverty. Malnutrition can also lead to health issues such as diseases, while the greater portion of families cannot afford hospital care. Poverty also causes problem in education and societies. A manifold of people struggling with poverty are unable to attend school, which will affect them for the rest of their lives. The lack of education also greatly harms the economy of several countries. Those who lack any schooling often are not able to be employed anywhere,…
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