Poverty Is A Social Problem

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Walking down the street in Missoula, Montana often brings you into contact with poverty. From the courthouse lawn to the sidewalks in front of the grocery stores there are many people who are homeless and begging for money and food. Living in this city for the majority of my life, I have been exposed to people in poverty everyday. This topic is of interest to me because I have worked with these people firsthand and seen their struggles within their lives. These people are often very warm-hearted and hard working but just cannot seem to get back on their feet. Many different organizations have been created to try and assist these individuals and families and help them to maintain a steady income, provide food for their family and achieve some level of financial stability. There are many different opinions of poverty that vary throughout the world but regardless of your personal ideas, the proportion of people who are in poverty is increasing at an uncomfortable rate.
Poverty has become a social problem. With the changing nature of the governments, the power has shifted from being more representative to being controlled mostly by those who are at the top of the financial food chain. (Shah, 2014) Those who have the money to get elected to governmental positions receive spots in offices and those are the same people who have limited experience with people who are less fortunate. Therefore they tend to make decisions that give an advantage to those who are at the top of the…
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