Poverty Is A Symbol Of Hope And Prosperity

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America has always prided itself in being a symbol of hope and prosperity in the world. America , as a country, has gone through many trials and tribulations to get where it is today; it had to fight for its independence, fight through two World Wars, revive its once demolished stock market, and fight with more countries for some reason or another to further its own goals. As we all know, as America succeeded, it rose to be one of the greatest nations on this planet, but many of the general audience of America and its citizens forget and sometimes deny the problems and flaws this country has had for the past couple of centuries. Gender inequality is a problem that still exists even though there have been many debates and political and…show more content…
Through the literature that exposed these problems to the world, authors such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Arthur Miller had removed the curtains over the people’s eyes and showed the entirety of America.
In relation to curtains and Arthur Miller, the American dramas, such as The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire, became quite popular during the twentieth century. However, there are plays that the general public do not quite remember as fondly such as A Long Day’s Journey into Night. This play was written by Eugene O’Neill around the early 1940’s, but he had never released the book until his death in 1956, when the play was eventually published. The play was written for his wife for their twelfth wedding anniversary and to show the world what he had to go through in his life as a young man. The play eventually became a symbol for the problems that actually exist within families; this was fitting for the time since the 1950’s is when the idea of the “nuclear family” was a popular ideal. This described a family of two parents, the mother was a stay-at-home mom while the father worked in the city, and their two kids, a son and daughter. That family was picture-perfect with their apple pies on window sills, white picket fence, and neatly cut lawns. What A Long Day’s Journey Into Night did was it shattered that image and showed that not all families are perfect and happy. The story tells of a family that is made of a drunkard of a father, an ill son with
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