Poverty Is An Inevitable Natural Phenomenon Essay

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Poverty has become a prevalent economic issue throughout the regional countries. More and more people are suffering from hunger, poor health, depression and other related social problems. Thus, reducing poverty is one of the priority schemes of regional governments. This essay will argue that poverty in the Pacific cannot be completely eradicated but can be reduced. The essay will be divided into two sections. Firstly, it will provide reasons why it cannot be eradicated. Then it will suggest solutions in which poverty can be reduced. Poverty is an inevitable natural phenomena in the Pacific. This essay will firstly explain the factors that contribute to this problem. These factors are: unemployment, climate change inequality and health issues. One significant causes of poverty in the Pacific is high unemployment. Poor economic performance, rapid population growth and advance technology always affect unemployment. Youth unemployment rate is much higher in rural areas compared to urban areas because there is less economic developments. Hence, urbanization amongst youth is becoming a prevalent trend. According to the UNDP report, “young people are migrating from their villages to find jobs in cities, and the average youth unemployment rate is 23 percent (2014, p.1) There are many new jobs generated in urban areas but it is also very competitive. However, urbanization also generates a range of new problems that will affect a country socially, environmentally and economically.

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