Poverty Is Not A New Issue

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Poverty today still exists and is a major social issue; there will always be people who are homeless and hungry but now more than ever there are options for help. To the American population what is the meaning of poverty and how and who does it affect? Poverty is the lack of food, shelter and education; it affects all skin colors, religions and genders. Poverty creates a strain on life and makes it difficult for people to live a somewhat easy life. To begin, poverty is not a new issue it has been around for quite some time: “The causes of poverty are quite overwhelming from colonialism to industrialization, from political institutions to geography, corruption and so on.” Some countries are where they are today because the start of these evolving civilizations. Many countries started prevailing history with great inequalities. Countries like America inherited discrimination and led Whites to inherit money and slaves. This is a problem that took many decades to correct and still continues to battle with equality daily. Agriculture is the root of developing nations, while growing modernity if rural wages go up, that leads to urbanization wages to increase as well. The reason for this is if the food prices go up the people in the city need enough to afford the higher priced food, and so on. Poverty at this time was based on when and where food and shelter would come from and when would it be available. Poverty is defined as general scarcity, dearth, or the state of one who…

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