Poverty Is Not Just About Poverty Essay

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Millions of people in America struggle with living in poverty. There are some people who believe that government aid will help end poverty, and there are others who do not. Children in poverty suffer the hardest due to terrible living conditions. Numerous amounts of people could be lifted out of poverty with a raise in the federal minimum wage. The creation of jobs would allow many people to bring in income for their homes. This essay will take a general look at poverty and possible solutions to reducing the state of poverty in America. I. Introduction
Poverty in America has taken control of 46.7 million people’s lives. From senior citizens, to working adults, to teenagers, and even children, poverty is there and is the main aspect others see in them. With the starving and less fortunate in the nation, I know that America can become a much finer nation without it.
What do we mean when we talk about poverty? Everyone has their own idea on what poverty actually means. Poverty is not just about being poor; it is about not living life to its fullest potential. It is about the lack of health benefits, the lack of education, and the lack of the ability to realize that material things one has is not what makes the individual. Poverty not only affects the immediate well-being of the person, but also their potential for the future. People who live at or below the poverty line cannot fully participate in society. Even people who live above the poverty line may worry

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