Poverty Is The Lack Of Adequate Choices Within Important Life Decisions

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What is poverty? In general, poverty is the lack of adequate choices within important life decisions—absence of freedom to be or to do what one wants. The inevitable result of poverty is insufficiency and deprivation of life: • Unable to provide the basic necessities of life • Illness and an early death • Education levels that limit one’s comprehension of the world and oneself, literacy less than functioning • Living conditions that decay physical and mental health • Dead-end jobs and at worst dangerous • Absence of dignity, a lack of respect • Exclusion from the community. What reasons are there to alleviate poverty? Some people find it as personal responsibility that arises from religious or philosophical conscious. Some see poverty as the result of an injustice system that privileges some and withdraws opportunities for others—an injustice that can also escalate to social strain and violence if not addressed. Others view poverty as being denied universal rights and human responsibility that requires attention at a global level. Political leaders often sees poverty as the culprit of social security and an overall good governance. Economists focus on the disregard and inefficiency of allowing a percentage of the population to fall into poverty. Various theories of poverty categorize between individual, system, geographic, and cyclical causes. Theories that cause poverty to individual situations and decisions place personal blame on the economically

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