Poverty Is The Main Reason For Crime Rates Accelerating?

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There are many issues in society that can be tied into one another. Poverty alone is a major issue worldwide just as well as crime. So what happens when these two are tied in with each other? Is poverty the main reason for crime rates accelerating? According to Aristotle, poverty is the parent of crime. It seems to be so common in society for criminals to be the minority that it is rather surprising when they find out a criminal is not a part of the minority. Minorities often, but not always, include blacks and Mexicans but never usually the whites. It is, in fact, very stereotypical to categorize a black person to be a criminal. For example, as used by many, if you are walking down the street, and you see a black guy walking in your direction, your first instinct would be to hold on to your belongings a little tighter or even move to the opposite side of the road. Also, if you are walking in the low-income side of town, you are sure to be more aware of your surroundings. There are numerous amounts of issues that arise from poverty being tied to crime, and it can most definitely lead to racism and classism. Many distinctive aspects can be used to show why poverty is the motherhood of crime as Aristotle stated. In example, there are different age groups that are affected by poverty and misguided into getting involved with crimes and there are different crimes that are being committed by those individuals. With these two being such a big issue to the society, is there any
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