Poverty Is The Most Important Necessity Of Getting By Today

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Poverty in America Money plays a huge factor in everyday life. Whether we want to believe it or not it is the most important necessity of getting by in today’s word. It determines what you can or cannot do and what you can and cannot have. It determines whether or not you will go without actual hunger or the if the chances you get to eat are scarce, whether or not you are freezing in the winter or scorching in the summer, whether or not you will have nice new clothes or raggedy old ones, and whether or not you will have the other things you need or want. Along with many other parts of the world, millions of people live in poverty in America. Among these millions of people we have to wonder why these people’s needs are never addressed and how such a mass number of these Americans are left unnoticed when the reason why they are living in such conditions are completely out of their control. Before we can fully understand poverty we must fully understand what poverty and other important terms linked to poverty mean. “Pov.er.ty- the state or the condition of having little to no means of money, goods, or support; condition of one being poor ; deficiency of necessary or desirable ingredients or qualities” (Random House Webster’s College Dictionary). Poverty can be measured multiple different ways one including Federal Poverty Level (FDL). Federal Poverty Level are poverty guidelines that according to the Department of Health and Human Services it’s phrase is obscure and should

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