Poverty Is The Parent Of Crime And Revolution

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Poverty is seen in the eyes of a child whose meals are school provided and the sun’s distance is synonymous with the reality of seeing a day where their parents can provide a home cooked meal every night. Poverty is felt on the cement of a corner where a window rolls down and two hands touch the surface of a crumbly dollar bill, one giving and one receiving. Greek Philosopher and scientist Aristotle once said, “Poverty is the parent of crime and revolution.” Poverty will either make a person take what they don’t have from someone who might have a little more than they do or it will make a person rebel against the current of the system, the present state of their life, and do something to remove themselves out of financial scarcity. Poverty…show more content…
Virtually, the same thing can be said about poverty. The cycle of poverty within impoverished families is a real thing, and people are prisoners within this cycle for usually two or three generations (Sharkey, 2013). This cycle places someone at a high risk of experiencing an entire life in poverty. Similar to how doctors and the government educate society on how to take precautions so that they can avoid certain illnesses through television advertisements and pamphlets. Resources such as financial literacy classes, better funded school systems, more involvement of the church, and more jobs within a close proximity to the inner cities can end poverty in America. All of these tools and resources can be used to end poverty, such as getting an education, which is ever crucial in the ending of poverty because jobs in today’s climate require skills that require a college education and as a result of this, students who drop out of high school place themselves at risk of living in poverty (Nelson, 2016).
Education in America has been used by its citizens to curtail their chances of living a life of poverty. In the beginning of the 2014 fall semester, there was a 31% rise in undergraduate enrollment in college institutions from approximately 13 million students in 2000 to right above 17 million in 2014(National Center for Education Statistics). This

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