Poverty Is The Problem Of Poverty

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Poverty is the issue that many countries are facing and try to figure out a method for managing poverty in order to ensure the wellbeing of their citizens, Developed countries like Australia is also confronting a destitution issue in their citizen. Poverty can be characterized from various perspectives, which depend on each country’s standard. Here, poverty can be defined as an economic condition of lacking both money and basic necessities needed to successful in life, particularly for those who are socioeconomically and educationally disadvantaged. As a matter of fact, all around the world, indigenous people are the underprivileged groups in terms of economy, society and education compared to their counterparts on the range of social indicators. International research has been discovered that one of the most disadvantaged groups in the world is Indigenous Australians (Cooke, Mitrou, Lawrences, Guimond, & Bravoing, 2007; Hill, Barker, & Vos, 2007; Ring & Brown, 2003). For this situation, Australian governments are finding the solution to poverty by establishing many policies and programs. this essay will demonstrate that education is considered to be a long-term solution for poverty and current policies and programs for disadvantaged groups in Australia will be evaluated.

In Australia, despite the fact that there is the presence of the welfare system, poverty still continues in the society. Destitution in Australia is measured by considering the number, or ratio, of

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