Poverty Is The State Of Been Poor

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What is poverty? Poverty is the state of been poor. Do you think it’s possible to overcome poverty, if you were raised in poverty? What would you consider as been poor? Could you replace your current state of living and live under a dollar a day? When I was a child I remember been raised in a low-income neighborhood. I always had the audacity to complain to my parents about things I wanted. Growing up under Hispanic parents, I learned what hard work is. At a young age I believed we were poor, but I did not realize that we were rich compared to other countries. I believed we were poor because we did not have a big fancy house with a fancy car. Been poor to me now; is not having a steady income, three meals a day, a roof over your head and not having the ability to stay healthy. Do you think education plays a big role in poverty? My parents always enforced education to me. It has played a mayor role on my success I have now. If I had denied the opportunity to go to school, I would probably have made a lot of bad choices in life. I believe growing up in poverty overseas, would be much harder to overcome. I currently live in the land of opportunities and I have read many stories on how people move to America to overcome poverty. In the Brazilian film “Central Station,” Josue is a nine-year-old child. At a young age he is left behind when his mother is killed in a bus accident. In the action of trying to send a letter to his father he meets a retired schoolteacher (Dora) who
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