Poverty Is The State Of Being Extremely Poor

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If you are to ask an American, “What are some significant issues occurring in the United States today?”, their response would probably be something predictable like: taxes are way too high; over-standardization of education; obamacare ;or interest rate on credit cards. But what about bigger issues like Poverty. Poverty is one that doesn’t really stick out to a lot of individuals, but it should be addressed. Poverty is the state of being extremely poor, but what does it mean to be poor? Poverty is the children who don’t have a home and children who go to bed hungry each and every night. Poverty is our friends and our neighbors who have to beg for money because they can’t afford to pay off their home payment. Poverty is in our backyards,…show more content…
Other potential causes of poverty are substance abuse, mass incarceration, unemployment, and low minimum wage. For example education, poverty prevents people from attaining proper education. Children who don’t form essential thinking skills before going to school often fall behind other children around their age. Without the ability to attend school, many people go through life illiterate. Then there’s incarcerations. Thus, leading to high unemployment rates in the United States. A high unemployment rate can impede a country from progressing in all aspects, and hinders the country from developing into a strong economic system. An additional prompt is the patterns of substance abuse that are established at an early age that impacts other life decisions affecting poverty, such as whether or not to stay in school. And consequently, children who are born to substance abusing parents are more than likely to be malnutritioned. The meaning of malnutrition is the lack of sufficient nutrients in the body which leads to various internal diseases. Diseases are very common in people living in poverty because they lack resources to maintain a healthy living environment and homeless children are less likely to receive proper nutrition and immunization. Now, it is known that every cause has an effect and surely the level of poverty in the United states has a drastic influence on the
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