Poverty Is The Worst Form Of Violence

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“Poverty is the worst form of violence” (Mahatma Gandhi). Living in poverty causes people to have extremely bad nutrition, to get severe diseases, and it forces children to work. This is a worldwide problem that affects children, mothers, fathers, and everyone else that has come close or lived in poverty. By registering more people living in poverty to vote in elections and spreading awareness it will drastically change many lives.
When families live in poverty and parents do not have enough money to support their family children have to work and child labor occurs. Many parents cannot afford to support their family because of a disease they have, disability, or their job might simply not pay enough. For example, eight year old Rubi left
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Lilita is an eight year old girl that works twelve hours a day just to pick up three trays and make fifty cents (Indian Children). Having to work to earn money to support a family as a child is a main cause of poverty, working instead of going to school leaves to uneducated children that eventually grow up to also live in poverty. This is why companies all over the world are trying to get more children to stay in school, although this cannot happen if their parents do not have jobs that will provide for their family and children have to work.
Gaza is yet another country that is affected by child labor that is influenced by poverty. These children attempt to make money off of the previous wars that occurred. The three wars that happened over the last eight years are actually helping families get by, the children collect the rummage from those times and sell them to companies that recycle it. Just like in other countries, many of the children 's parents are not able to work. For example, Mustafa is seventeen years old and ever since the age of ten he has been working. He sells scraps of plastic and metal trying to make a living (Wars and Poverty). It is unfortunate that children will not have as many opportunities later on in life because of the lack of education from their early childhood due to child labor. No
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