Poverty Is a State of Mind

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Poverty is a state of mind – essay By Lasse Tobberup Poverty is worldwide, and millions of people live in poverty. There are a lot of people who is doing everything in their power to get food on the table. There are a lot of people who everyday go to bed hungry, and a lot of people who can only dream of a life in luxury with vacations and more food than they could ever eat. Many people lives in poverty. An example of a man who lived in poverty is Bernard Hare in the text “Poverty is a state of mind” from 2012. The main claim in the text “Poverty is a state of mind” is “Poverty is a state of mind”(l. 320). The ground is “As far as I was concerned, we had warmth, love, shelter, enough to eat (…) and a safe community environment to…show more content…
He also has backing when he tells that the miners never thought of themselves as poor: “Even after being on strike for a year, without money, the miners never thought themselves being in poverty, because they had each other.”(l. 292). He points to the fact that the miners didn’t have any money, but still they didn’t feel that they were in poverty, and that underlines Bernard Hare’s claim again, that money does not decide whether you’re in poverty or not. Hare appeals to the readers feelings, therefore he uses pathos: “(…) we had(…) enough to eat – except towards the end of the week sometimes, as most people got paid in cash on Fridays(…).”(l. 52). He is talking about how his family sometimes didn’t have enough food, and therefore the readers feel sorry for him. He also uses pathos when he mentions his pressure to get a good job and education, and what could happen if he doesn’t get an education: “If I passed, she said, I would get a good education and a good job. If I didn’t, I would be off down the pit with my dad.”(l. 108). The readers get sympathy with Bernard Hare because he mentions how poor his life could be, if he doesn’t graduate. Bernard Hare also achieves Ethos because we trust him as a person and he has experienced poverty himself, and therefore he is trustworthy. The essence of Bernard Hare’s essay is they
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