Poverty: Main And Well-Known Social Justice Issue

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In our world, poverty is one of the main and well known social justice issue. Poverty is the state of one who lacks shelter, education, money, food, clothing, health or other materials. I think there are 4 very important effects of poverty that affects a country, which are malnourishment, education, society and economy. Firstly, malnourishment is the most common effect of poverty. Malnourishment is a condition that results from consuming too much or not enough nutrients, which creates major health problems. Poor families rarely have access to foods with many nutrients. Healthy foods are expensive; therefore, families with a small budget buy less food and consume less nutrients because they’re cheaper. Nations with too many malnourished people…show more content…
Families either can’t afford school supplies, necessary clothing, or transportation. Poverty prevents people from gaining an education, and not obtaining an education prevents people from escaping poverty. Many citizens without an education creates an underdeveloped country because there would be less occupations, communications, and will affects future generations. Surveys say that obtaining a basic education could bring 171 million people out of poverty. In addition, poverty has an impact on the society, which leads to a bigger issue for a nation. Poverty is when people live together in the same ordered community. People who live in poverty live on the streets which can possibly lead to higher crime rates. The fact that you have no money and survival needs can have a negative impact on your personality, which leads to theft in order for survival. Crime affects the nation because it places a financial burden on taxpayers and governments for the needs of increase police teams, corrections centers, courts, jails and other safety action. Additionally, high crime rates create a bad impression for those who live outside the community and startles…show more content…
Firstly, I will donate clothes whenever it gets too small for me. I will also donate any other used items when I don’t use it. Secondly, I will spread awareness to others who don’t know about poverty, and tell them a couple of simple ways to fight it. I could donate money to kids in poverty in 10 years. In addition, I could teach and provide children with proper tuition and education fees for those in need when I’m older. Lastly, I could open a fundraising campaign for poverty using the internet when I am
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