Poverty Of Poverty And Children

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In America, poverty and children is an ongoing issue and is happening today more than ever. Poverty is affecting our children today by creating learning problems during school for them, it is also creating more health issues for children. Not only is poverty creating direct problems currently but it is also creating problems for the future by creating a poverty cycle. There are many reasons why a child would be in poverty, but there are also many solutions to fix child poverty. Child poverty is a macroeconomics issue. This issue is closer than you think, It is happening at your local elementary school, It is happening everywhere. A study from the National Center for Education statistics states that "51 percent of the students across the nation 's public school were low income in 2013”(southern education, 2013). That 51 percentage of students are living in poverty and their school work is being affected by it. It is not uncommon for a low-income student to worse in school than a middle-class student. Low-income students face the daily problems of possibly going to school with less concentration because they came to school hungry or tired, gaining less cognitive skills as a young child, and stress as a younger child can cause your brain to function differently. Students who come to school hungry concentration is not on the assignment that they are about to receive or the notes the teacher wants him/her to take, but their focus is on when lunch is coming so they

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