Poverty Of Poverty And Poverty

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About 22,000 children die each day as a result of poverty (“Child Mortality Rate Drops”). On their website, The World Bank calculated that the amount of people living in extreme poverty was likely to fall below ten percent in 2015. Even though the poverty rate has decreased, there are still many people living in extreme poverty. One billion children in the world live in poverty and organizations like Compassion International are helping give them a new life (“Poverty Facts and Stats”). What is poverty? There are two specific aspects of poverty. The first aspect is material poverty. This is the lack of life sustaining materials. Many people do not have the resources or money to obtain these materials. Examples of these materials would be clean water or nutritious foods. The second aspect of poverty is spiritual poverty. People living in spiritual poverty have no way of hearing about the gospel. They do not have churches or missionaries in their villages to tell them the good news of God. There is a large number of children living in both of these types of poverty and are searching for ways to escape them. One of the main reasons why poverty is so prevalent in the world is because people are ignorant and selfish. They would rather spend their money on expensive cars and clothes than help buy clothes to dress a child who has nothing at all. Another reason why poverty is so prevalent is because there are not enough job opportunities for people to support their children. With no

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