Poverty Of The United States

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Poverty is an important issue in the United States. In fact, child poverty in the US is at its highest point in 20 years. [Flores & Lesley, 2014] The poor are at a disadvantage, because they have an unfulfilled right to a good education. A majority of children attending public schools come from low-income families. It is hypothesized that a low household income correlates with poor achievement in school. A solution to poverty is for everyone to have a good education so everyone can be equally prepared to take on a high-skill, high-paying job. It’s unfortunate, because the solution to poverty is a good education, but a good education is hardly ever available to children living in poverty.
HOW AMERICANS ARE COPING WITH POVERTY It’s hard for Americans to cope with being impoverished, because the poor are often overlooked. The ideals surrounding the United States are those of self-reliance and self-sufficiency. This is translated into the idea that government shouldn’t do anything that decreases motivation. Unfortunately, this is then translated into poverty being the fault of the poor. There are many different circumstances for how individuals have come to be poor. But, it is widely believed that the reason people are poor is because they are unmotivated, lazy, or have made bad decisions in their lives. In 2014, American’s view on poverty has taken a drastic change. Americans are now more likely to blame poverty on circumstances beyond people’s control. [O’Connor,

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