Poverty Of The United States Essay

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Poverty within the United States is defined as “having an income below a federally determined poverty threshold. ” Poverty thresholds were developed by the United States government in the 60s. Over time these thresholds are adjusted to account for inflation; it is typical to adjust the poverty threshold levels annually. They represent the government’s estimate of the point below which a family has insufficient resources to meet their basic needs. Any family with less income than that established amount is officially classified as poor. Income as defined can include cash and cash welfare assistance, but excludes in-kind welfare assistance. There are restrictions within the definition of Poverty. A simple example would be that the thresholds are a federal value and no adjustments are made for cost of living differences. The poverty thresholds for 2015 as set by the US Census Bureau working with the Office of Management and Budget are as follows; Within the United States, people living below the poverty line appear to be bunched in certain states, regions and counties. Individuals living in poverty are not dispersed evenly across any state or across the entire nation. Economic conditions in these poorer regions create limited opportunities for underprivileged residents and thus poverty may become self-perpetuating. Over time economists have proven that using a time dimension to identify those regions that appear to be caught in a self-perpetuating poverty cycle can

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