Poverty Of The United States

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What is the reason for not ending the world-leading problem in the United States and in other countries? Are we capable of ending a monster that has taken the lives of children? Poverty is the monster that society worries about, especially the individuals who have to endure going days without eating and have to live in horrifying conditions. The United States has the world’s second highest poverty rate among children, and the children have no way of defeating it. Many different organizations, including the government, try to tackle and improve poverty rates. Yes, we have the technology and resources to terminate this problem, but the government is not fighting hard enough. Many people try to improve poverty rates among other things but…show more content…
The lack of growth and development begin to occur when the body does not take in enough calcium. Calcium is very important part for the body to function because it has the function to keep bones strong and without calcium the bones will become weak and break easily. Also, it will lead to stunted growth in the body and the person will not be able to grow properly. In addition, malnutrition can occur when children or the poor community does not get enough to eat and is requiring the need of nutritions and other minerals. Suffering from malnutrition will cause extensive amount of disease to manifest in the human body. Also, it will be harder for the body to fight off disease and people will become more vulnerable to catching different type of diseases. Pedro A Sanchez stated, “The death rate from diseases such as lower respiratory infection, malaria, and measles…Undernourished people infected with HIV/AIDS develop the full symptoms” (1). The poor population is longing for the access to healthy food in order to prevent terrible disease like this from occurring. It is very hard to treat and prevent these different variety of disease from happening without having the money to get the proper care and medical attention. Not only does malnutrition and not acquiring enough nutrients leads to the

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