Poverty, Situational Poverty And Chronic Poverty

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Poverty varies in different social contexts through different cultures, generations, and history. People are born and raised in different parts of the world and by different people, meaning we all come from various cultures and most likely we all have different perspectives and we define poverty differently. By talking to people from the local community we came across that there are two major types of poverty, situational poverty and chronic poverty. Situational poverty is when one becomes poor because of personal factors. This can be caused by a spiral of events which leads to loss of income and material possessions. It can be brought upon from the little deaths in life such as loss of jobs, divorce, unexpected health expenses or any unexpected situational problem. Chronic poverty is a phenomenon where an individual or group is in a state of poverty over an extended period of time. In order to uncover the means of poverty we visited 3 different places. Those places included a homeless shelter, food bank, and YWCA. Paying a visit to all these places opened our eyes, and gave us a distinct sense of alterity in today 's culture. Having visited the St.Mary’s food bank in the Seattle Central district, we were able to get an insight on what the struggles are for the vast majority of their local community. When we first arrived, we were amazed by how many customers were in line. I thought to myself, “I cannot believe there are this many people that need help with food
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