Poverty : The Dilemma Of Poverty

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The Dilemma of Poverty in America Poverty is a persistent problem that plagues even the wealthiest nations. Plenty of experts have given their theories for what exactly causes this world-wide problem. There are short term causes of poverty that unquestionably affect poverty rates, such as heavy drought and other environmental factors, but this still does not account for the many millions of people that can barely afford to live. A countless number of citizens of the United States cannot even recognize the problem in their own back yard. As Diana George states in her essay, Changing the Face of Poverty, “More than 35 Million-one out of every seven of our fellow citizens-are officially poor.” (George 676) It’s tough to believe that a country that is known as a land of freedom and opportunity even has that many that are living in poverty. I believe that long term causes of poverty include a lack of education, overpopulation, and the lack of steady jobs and living outside of one’s means to survive. To overcome poverty in America, those that are impoverished need to be given the opportunity to obtain a better education with additional funding from the government, they need to be given better resources to prevent unplanned pregnancies, they need greater agencies within each state that can help individuals find a job that fits his or her trade, there needs to be less stipulations for child care assistance and individuals that live in poverty needs to live within their own means.…

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