Poverty : The Effects Of Prostitution And Sexual Traffficking

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Despite all the advances of the 21st century, slavery still plagues society. The most noticeable and detrimental kind is that of sexual slavery and the mistreatment that follows prostitution. While girls engage in this industry for a number of reasons from coercion from family members, personal choice, or out of desperation, the driving force behind them all and the industry itself is extreme poverty. This lack of money can destroy people's lives and causes the disease that is the extreme harm that happens in prostitution and sexual traffficking.
Extreme poverty can cause girls enter sexual trafficking in many ways. Grace, a young girl who escaped the sex industry describes one common theme. When she was in the 10th grade, "her father told her that as a woman, she was 'predestined by God to save her family from poverty by going to Europe to earn money'" ("Grace"). Upon arriving there she found that she had been sold in prostitution by her family and that was how she was expected to earn them money. This presents several problems but none clearer than that of her family willingly subjecting her to prostitution. Her family did not value her enough to treat her as an actual person and instead sold her off like an animal and profited from it. This is not the first of stories like this to appear. Many young girls are in prostitution by the fault of their families. Another girl, Phalla, tells a similar story. Phalla says that when she was taken into the city by her grandmother,

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