Poverty : The Third World

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What is poverty? Poverty is a condition in which people suffer from lack of money or extremely poor. Lack of money will not let them buy the most necessary materials that every single human being in this world needs such as enough food, clothes, a house where they can live safely. This lack of materials can lead those people to various other diseases which they are unable to get treatment for. It is known that the number of poor countries is more than the number of wealthy countries. I do not believe most of the countries were rich the time it was found. They became rich by involving in certain businesses as well as importing and exporting. If those countries can become rich who were poor at once, there should be a strong reason why the poorest countries still remain poor even after centuries. In my development and globalization class, we were able to watch this documentary called ‘poverty: the fourth world’. It talks about the poor people who live in the slums of Kenya and many of them work as prostitutes, drug dealers and other illegal jobs because they do not live in a place where they can do a decent job or the situation they live in does not allow that to happen. The other people live by the remains of trash they collect from the dump areas. Kari Engen, an American woman, does an amazing work through this documentary. Apart from the documentary, let us analyze the reasons for poverty, the effects as well as the control measures. I believe the reason why the
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