Poverty, Wellness And Happiness

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Poverty, Wellness and Happiness. Ajahn Chah said, "Happiness and suffering do not depend on being poor or rich, they depend on having the right or wrong understanding in our mind “There are different causes of poverty. It could be a location where the person lives, or family with low or without income. Living in the bad community can increase the chance of being poor. Ones I was driving through Chicago south side neighborhood. Dark, abandoned houses, windows of local businesses hammered with plywood, groups of young people slowly walking on the street and do nothing. The sharp smell of spoiled food, rotten leaves, and something else very unpleasant was spreading on the street. It was a very dark and disturbing picture of the hopelessness human life enclosed in the scope of this place. At the end of the street, when I stopped at the intersection, next to a gray house I saw a woman in colorful dress sitting on the steps and tapping her foot She held a book in a bright cover; she read Dr. Seuss stories, something about green eggs and ham. The little boy, looks like her son, hugs a teddy bear. I stopped for the moment and looked at this very happy little family. Their gray house needed painting, stairs were cracked, but the window in full blooming geranium and grass near the house was neatly trimmed. Back then I was working as a nanny for a very wealthy family in North Shore (Chicago). Children in the family

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