Poverty - a Natural Inevitable Phenomenon

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“Poverty is a natural phenomenon-it cannot be eradicated” Poverty dwells amidst the hungry, within the homeless, dealing with hardships of heat and frost. Poverty is the helplessness felt when the sick are deprived of medical care, when the society drowns deeper into the realms of illiteracy, when the fear of being unemployed forces one into illegal means like corruption. Poverty swells in the tears of the powerless old, reflected in the void eyes of the innocent childhood, trapped in the limbs of the handicapped, in the eyes, ears, voice of the blind, deaf, and dumb. Although there are many successful attempts in the significant reduction of poverty, in reality, this ‘natural occurrence’ is still a universal existence even in the world…show more content…
The policy triangle on which such a road map broadly rests is constituted of pro-poor economic growth, human development and governance. There are eight specific avenues - four strategic blocks and four supporting strategies- through which the goal of accelerated poverty reduction will be pursued. These are firstly supportive macroeconomics to ensure rapid growth with particular focus on stable macroeconomic balances, improved regulatory environment, higher private investment and increased inflow of FDIs, effective trade and competition policies, and, poor and gender sensitive budgetary process; secondly, choice of critical sectors to maximize pro-poor benefits from the growth process with special emphasis on the rural, agricultural, informal and SME sectors, improved connectivity through rural electrification, roads, and telecommunications; thirdly, safety net measures to protect the poor, especially women, against anticipated and unanticipated income/consumption shocks through targeted and other efforts; fourthly, human development of the poor for raising their capability through education, health, nutrition and social interventions; fifthly,
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