Essay on Poverty and Child Development

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From the very second I was born, until this very day, I had understood life to be a certain way. Life had taken its course and my family, as well as myself, have suffered ups and downs. We’ve been through times which were good and which were the worst of the worst – all families do. What I didn’t know is that regardless of the good and the bad, that the life I lived was sheltered to the point where I couldn’t fathom the idea that all people had not lived a life similar to ours. Sure, I understand that some were more fortunate and some were less fortunate, but to which extent? Within my circle of influence, our friends and family, there was a certain level at which we enjoyed our lives in a comfortable sense. We’d occasionally see a …show more content…
It is very true that although some families are born into poverty, other have fallen into this classification due to various circumstances they endured during the course of life’s twists and turns. According to a conservative remark by Thomas J. Surgrue as noted in “American Families” by Stephanie Coontz, “the wages of two underemployed workers barely pull families above the poverty line” (Surgrue, p. 245 Coontz). With this in mind, it makes us wonder if there is any hope to rely on for those who live in this area, whether it’s two underemployed parents or just a single mother or father. There is barely a difference between those who are suffering because they are unemployed and so it seems that’s it even worse for those who are working two dead end jobs and still not breaching the poverty line. Jonathan Kozol speaks of a local high school in the South Bronx when he says that “Morris High School is, after all, one of the most beleaguered, segregated, and decrepit secondary schools in United states”(Kozol). I understand the argument that they are uneducated and do not have a great ability to apply for numerous jobs, but what I don’t understand is if they even find a minimum wage job, they are better off that where they are currently. In addition, there are numerous programs which allow

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