Poverty and Its Causes in Pakistan

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Poverty and its causes

In Pakistan

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Topic: Poverty In Pakistan

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February 8, 2010

Ms. Mehwish
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I am herewith present my Assignment authorized by you as a requirement for this course.
In this assignment, I have tried to provide updated information about Poverty In Pakistan.
I hope I have
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In a world of six billion people, one billion have 80 percent of the income and five billion have less than 20 percent. This issue of global imbalance is at the core of the challenge to scale up poverty reduction.
Case of Pakistan: Poverty has many dimensions in Pakistan. People have not only low incomes but they also are suffering from lack of access over basic needs. The major challenge of today is poverty reduction. In Pakistan, Poverty Reduction Strategy was launched by the government in 2001 in response to the rising trend in poverty during 1990s. It consisted of the following five elements:-
(a) Accelerating economic growth and maintaining macroeconomic stability.
(b) Investing in human capital.
(c) Augmenting targeted interventions.
(d) Expanding social safety nets.
(e) Improving governance. The net outcome of interactions among these five elements would be the expected reduction in transitory and chronic poverty on a sustained basis. The reduction in poverty and improvement in social indicators and living conditions of the society are being monitored frequently through large- scale household surveys in order to gauge their progress in meeting the targets set by Pakistan for achieving the seven UN Millennium Development Goals by
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