Poverty can Lead to Drug Abuse

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Poverty can definitely become a factor of drug abuse and addiction. People living in poverty are more likely to abuse drugs. The reason being is that people who struggle with poverty, once they gain money many do not know how to utilize it well and save it. Many times it is not a person’s fault for the way they grow up and at some points they may not be financially stable enough to have any means of support for themselves or their loved ones. But most of the time, because of the way they grew up, they see most people around them doing drugs and tend to also lean toward drug abuse. One can also become addicted if one does something repeatedly over and over again. The brain gets so used to the same repeated activity that it just instinctively needs to do it. For example, if someone were to work all the time and they couldn’t live without working nearly all day, every day, it is a possibility they can be a work addict. Even little habits can become a cause of an addiction. (Sheff, David pg. 33) There are a great deal of things being said about addiction and what type of people are more susceptible to addiction compared to others. But not everything being said is the truth. People come up with these myths of addiction and others tend to believe those assumptions being made. Like for example one of the myths for addiction is that psychologists cannot do much for addicts. (www.psychologytoday.com) Psychologists not being able to do

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