Poverty in Andy Mulligan´s Trash

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Trash Essay
The novel Trash, by Andy Mulligan, is a very controversial and emotional book. Trash makes readers wonder why poverty to this extreme is still happening in the world, despite everything people are trying to do to stop poverty. I recently participated in a book club meeting, about Trash, and have grown as a person because of it. In my opinion, during our book club meeting, the members of my book club enriched, challenged, and reinforced my ideas, beliefs, and opinion on Trash. My top three discussion moments were whether or not police discrimination, and corruption is the primary cause of extreme poverty in some regions and extreme wealth in some, whether or not it is every ok to steal, and lastly whether or not Gardo and Raphael’s aunt should be able to stay at home while the two young boys work in a garbage dump.
My first discussion moment was brought up by Nicole. Nicole asked “whether or not police discrimination played a role in the extreme poverty in some regions and the extreme wealth in others”. In Nicole’s opinion, the police’s in justice between poor people, and rich people causes people in poverty to not be able to grow out of the financial poverty cycle they were born into. I strongly agreed with this statement because I believe that, youth are impressionable, and if they don’t have a good role model to represent justice and fairness, hence the job of a police officer, they will assume that the world is unfair and discriminatory and unsafe . Also,
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