Essay about Poverty in Janet Poppendieck's Want Amid Plenty

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In Janet Poppendieck's “Want Amid Plenty: From Hunger To Inequality” she argues that America puts excessive focus upon hunger issues among the poor when there are many other important issues that go unnoticed. Poppendieck believes that it is time to find a way to shift the discourse from undernutrition to unfairness, from hunger to inequality. In today's society, there are many food banks, food drives, soup kitchens, etc. Food is extremely abundant in America, therefore Poppendieck's statement is proven true when she states that there is too much focus on hunger. Throughout this text, she strongly supports her claims about hunger, equality, and poverty in general. The author begins her argument by making known the abundance of food in…show more content…
This textual evidence was then followed by a statement by many interviewed volunteers. These volunteers felt that their work at the soup kitchen was the only thing they participated in that made them feel as though they were doing a good deed. Seeing as how Americans have no concern for the amount of food they waste, and seeing as how Americans rely on the constant need of food as some sort of confidence boost goes to show the reader that there is no actual cure for hunger – because no one truly cares enough to find one. Poppendieck does an excellent job of using textual evidence to support a claim made in this passage. She also does not rely solely on statistics to prove a point. Throughout this passage, Poppendieck has constantly shows her progressive leanings. By doing so, she allows the reader to see the authors point of view. It greatly strengthens her argument because it offers more than just one dimension, and broadens the perspectives of the reader. Jane also supports her argument by pointing out obvious facts that may have previously been unrecognized by the reader. For example, she introduces huger as some sort of a seductress. One that attracts people one way or another. Hunger is very “seductive” to Americans because it allows them to feel accomplished, as stated earlier. Some people make a career out of feeding the needy. The only problem is however, that hunger is not the only issue.

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