Poverty in Poor Families

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While poverty is inevitable, poverty drags down the development of the world. Living conditions, cause of poverty, barriers to ending poverty, and non-poor contribution can’t afford to be taken lightly. Poverty does not have one clear definition. It is a complex concept referring to multiple situations. By poverty we normally associate it to a situation in which a person fails to earn sufficient income to purchase necessities to life. The basic needs of life are, enough food, clothing, drinking water and shelter on the material level. The most obvious effect of poverty is hunger; however hunger can also be a cause of poverty. This is because hunger deprives those living in absolute poverty of the skill and strength to carry out productive work. Poor families are deprived of basic social needs like health and education. The impact of economic growth on poverty has been evaluated to observe the correlations. There have yet to be a direct relationship between the two. In certain circumstances it can be positive economic growth leading to reduction in poverty. In other situations it can be negative economic growth leading to increase in poverty. The effect of economic growth on poverty varies on the inequalities that are prevailing in an economy. Many children born into poverty have a low birth weight, which is connected to preventable cognitive and physical disabilities. These poor infants are more than likely to have health issues that need to address. With the high infant
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