Poverty in the United States

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It certainly seems peculiar how so much disparity exists among the haves and have-nots in the country that leads the free world. The high level of poverty in the United States coupled with the disparaging rates of income are at times hard to comprehend. How can a country of such great wealth and power also be a country of vast poverty? Poverty will always be evident in the United States to some extent. However, minimizing poverty and income inequality will be conducive to the well being of the United States. Numerous organizations are assisting those in need. Then why does the United States have so many people poverty stricken? Some blame the impoverished themselves while others blame the wealthy, the economic system, and other…show more content…
What children learn at a young age greatly affects who they become later in life. Hence, an emphasis needs placing on educating young children. Programs that promote staying in high school and furthering education also need emphasizing. Students through all levels of schooling need teaching that the more educated they become, the greater quality of life they will be able to achieve. By dropping out of high school or by not pursuing further education, these individuals are capping their potential.
However, the programs and organizations developed need to be more oriented on the individual. Instead of making decisions based on large groups of people, which lacks individualistic detail, the impoverished need to be looked at as individuals so that they can receive the best help for their specific problems. While one person could benefit from furthering their education, another person might be more apt to work at a trade. Therefore, the organizations that the government has in place need to work more closely with those in poverty, allowing those to succeed in furthering their studies or learning a trade. Impoverished individuals need more encouragement, support, and resources to try to reach their potential and break their cycle of poverty. The government needs to focus on each individual, rather than the impoverished in mass, to give him or her the best opportunity to get out of

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