Essay on Poverty vs. Equality and the Foreclosure Crisis

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Imagine a world of poverty. A world of dirt, garbage, filth, people who do not care about the planet they live on. One uses a cardboard box to inhabit because it just doesn’t matter anymore. It does not matter, as in the mold infested homes are unsafe to be inhabited. The world has been bulldozed down to flat land. We’ve gone backwards, not forwards. We live like Neanderthals who are in constant competition for natural resources. Philosophers and geniuses’ like Hobbes, Kant, and Einstein never existed. We have nothing but sickness and disease. This may seem far-fetched, but this is how some foreign third world countries live. I can only imagine. Imagine a world of equality, a world of trust and security between neighbors. Each rich …show more content…

Without complete trust in obtaining exactly what one paying for and receiving, the foreclosure crisis will continue. As a freshman in college as the University of Arizona, I have not had my on my own experience with buying a personal home. I just write a check to the apartment complex, walk down to the slot with my three roommates, and say, “Done, another month paid for.” My father, however, is an investor and he has bought, fixed up, and re sold three homes. He is still trying to sell his last and final home. He has had some offers, but unfortunately the credit of the applicants is too low to buy his home. I will not deny that it breaks my heart, the potential buyer’s heart, and my father’s heart each time the bank calls back. It is unfair that my father, with four points away from prefect credit, could lose this home, and everything he’s worked hard for, due to owning his own business that, not so long ago, used to be booming. The best question to ponder now is: How could this crisis become apart of history? First, lower taxes. Plain and simple, lower taxes on everything. That means clothes, gasoline, furniture, anything and everything that we spend our finances on, should only have a three percent tax upon it. In Arizona, eight point one percent is absolutely insane. As a part time employee of Pier One Imports I watch the faces of customers shocked when their one thousand dollar purchase is over one hundred dollars more then they can afford now, due to taxes. It

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