Essay on Poverty's Negative Impact on Global Human Health

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Many people do not know how big of an effect poverty has on the health issues that we face. Health issues are a main concern for countries with high poverty populations. Poverty affects the way we act and live, and our health affects the way that we behave in the real world. Poverty affects our health in many ways including obesity, mental health and diseases, child development, social status, and our homes. Poverty is an important global issue because it plays a role in the estimated one billion people who lack access to health care systems (“Health Issues, Global Issues,” 2010). Developing cities, such as Beijing, are facing a widening range of health problems due to changes in lifestyle.
Social status or social class is defined as
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It establishes one in society and how their lives will be lived based on their health. As humans work their way up the social class ladder the amount of money that they receive is higher. This means that they have more money for healthcare allowing them to effectively live longer as well as having a smaller likelihood of having a mental illness within the immediate or future family.
Many companies look outside of the company for people with the right educational background instead of hiring from within, which greatly limits the potential for advancement of workers who lack formal education. Educational systems can help or hinder the prospect of social mobility ("Social class," 2010).The environment that one lives in determines the education that they may receive. If someone lives in an environment of upper class people then the education that they receive could be on the level of an Ivy League education. Americans believe that through hard work, all people have a chance at getting to the top; however, this is believed to be a “merit myth.” Of course, there is poverty. Poverty however, according to the myth, is simply the result of individuals not trying hard enough.
Poverty may limit the amount of education that one has access to. If the town is highly populated with lower class citizens that have less money means that the public education that the children could receive would be very little. The schools are funded with the taxes from the community and when you have a

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