Power: A Deciding Factor in History Essay

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In the dictionary power is defined in many ways there is no set defined statement what power is or is supposed to be. Power can make or break a person or even a nation. Power is, “A measure of an entity's ability to control the environment around itself, including the behavior of other entities” (Wikipedia) which i find to be the most accurate definition. I conclude that this is what power is; it is a controlling factor in everyone’s life whether it be power over that person or over someone else, this definition makes the most sense to me. In one essay by Alvin Toffler he explains that there are three kinds of power which are violence, wealth, and knowledge. Violence is the least effective kind of power because it is very inflexible,…show more content…
Last is knowledge which is the most effective type of power because it uses the least amount of power resources and is very versatile in the way it can be used to manipulate or persuade someone, in short, “Knowledge is Power”. Through history power has been the deciding factor in every event in world history whether it be a war or becoming president, power is the last say in everything. In WWII we used violence to achieve our victory killing and using our great power to overwhelm the enemy. Just in the last week our government used its wealth to bribe a senator to vote to help pass a Health Care initiative which in my eyes is completely unconstitutional. Using knowledge our newly appointed President Obama used his vast vocabulary and persuasive speeches won over voters hearts and minds. History has shown us how power has been used for good and the unjust but it has always shown us a lesson. In the future I hope to see the people of this earth use power in better ways than we have used it. It seems that power is used for personal gain and not the greater good. If we can find a better way to use our power maybe combining it instead of splitting it into increasingly different powers we could bring the world together. Doing this and forgetting about selfish gain might unite powers together. In righteous power we might be able to conquer
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