Power And Influence Of Power

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Power and Influence
Power and influence go together because power is influence. There is no greater power than having the ability to influence an individual, group of people, or situation. Leaders, followers and the situation can have influence and obtain power at some point. There are five sources of leader power that are used. These sources have been used in situations that I have personally handled. I have also seen these used, by observing some of my leaders. I will review these sources and situations that I have handled throughout this paper. I will discuss the outcome and how effective they were in each situation (Bethel University, 2011).
Before I started working for Verizon, I worked as a Team Leader at Champion Homes in Dresden. Four years brought about a lot of change and lots of people to lead. When I was asked to become the lead over final I was filling some big shoes. The team leader that preceded me had done it for years, and had experience in all areas of the plant. People were used to her and responded well to her. I had the privilege of working for her and watching her lead our team. Observing her helped me understand the type of leadership I wanted to use and how I wanted people to see me. I wanted to be seen as fair, and someone who influenced the people to do their best.
Donna possessed expert power. She had been with the company for 20 years, and was very knowledgeable in every area. People followed her because they knew she had been in their shoes.

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