Power And Influence On Employees

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In its simplest definition, power is regarded as the ability to influence to behavior of other people using different tactics to push or prompt action. It is as well referred as the possession of authority and influence over others. Depending on how it is used, power can lead to either positive or negative outcomes. There are different sources of power that one can gain power in different places such as country, organization or any other place that leadership is required. Additionally, there are different types of power that are used in different scenarios. This research looks into different sources of power through analysis of the different sources of power, identifying helpful information from the sources, and finally explaining how to apply the information learnt from the sources to influence employees in the workplace (Green, 1999).

The element of power has been in use for whether in leadership or not. For different types of leadership to be effective, power and influence are two key elements in leadership. However, the two are often confused. In an organization, setting power is defined in different ways such as the ability to control other workers behaviors. Power is irrelevant without people to perceive it, as it is referred as the relationship between people. In abroad approach, power can be divided into two different categories; Position Power and Personal Power. Despite being different from power, authority and power are inter-connected. Power can be either
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