Power And Influence : Restview Hospital

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Power and Influence: Restview Hospital The case study presented by Yukl (2013), entitled “Restview Hospital,” addresses the hospital’s desire to enhance their system of accounts billing through a new and modernized software package. The process of purchasing the new software to accomplish this task involved thorough research in order to select the most qualified vendor who could best meet the needs of Restview. Unfortunately in this case, the wrong vendor was selected which resulted in a huge financial loss for the hospital. This paper will examine the various sources of power, authority, influence and tactics that were used during this process and how they directly influenced the outcome. This analysis will also examine the different types of power held by the individuals involved and how their power was relative to the decision. The first section will introduce Restview Hospital and provide background on the case at hand. The next section identifies the problems that occurred as a result of the misuse of power and influence. The third section describes the attempts made to rectify the problem and how those attempts failed. The last section will provide recommendations and suggestions on what could have taken place that would have assisted the board members at Restview Hospital in making a better and well informed decision. Background Restview Hospital needed to make a change. Their computer software for the accounts billing department had become outdated and

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